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  1. How much does it cost to use the archery range?

    Indoor Archery Range Fees

    Single Archery $6.00 1 Hour Range Time

    Archery Targets $2.00 Each

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Shooting Range

  1. How much does it cost to use the gun range?

     Pistol / Rifle Range Fees

     - Single Shooter

    •  $10.00 30 minutes of Range Time
    • $15.00 1 Hour of Range Time
    • Regular Membership (Annual) $250.00 (Unlimited Shooting Time)
    • Law Enforcement (Annual) $150.00

     * Shooter’s Safety Test $1.00 (Must be completed before 1st visit to our range)

     - Targets are $2.00 for large and $1.00 for small. (Must use our targets)



  2. What's the biggest caliber Allowed in the Range

    Even though our range will accomodate most cailbers, we only allow our guest to enjoy shooting handgun calibers ranging from 22 LR through 44 mag.  There are some handgun calibers that are not allowed.  A few examples would be a 5.56 pistol, Taurus Judge shooting slugs or shotshells, FN five-seven and a few others.  If you have any question about allowed cartridges, please ask before entering the range. 

  3. Can I shoot my rifle in the range?

    Rifles are not allowed in our range unless they are chambered in a handgun caliber. We welcome you to bring your favorite 22 LR rifle or 9mm Carbine. If you are unsure of what is allowed, please feel free to ask before entering range.
  4. Can I shoot my shotgun in the range?

    Due to the amount of electronics on our range, shotguns are not allowed. If you are looking for a place to enjoyed your shotgun, please allow us to make a few suggestions for local shooting clubs.
  5. Can I shoot my black powder rifle in the range?

    Our range is designed for many firearms, however, we do not allow firing of high power rifles. Even though we once allowed their use, the amount of damage caused by a few changed our policy on High Power Rifles. If you are looking for a place to enjoyed your shotgun, please allow us to make a few suggestions for local shooting clubs.
  6. What time does the range close ?

    Our Retail store is open unil 6PM.  Our range however closes at 5:30PM.  Customer must add a extra 15 mins of time if they have not been in our range.  This is the time needed to complete our safety test and watching the safety  video before going into range for first time.

  7. Do I need Eye or Ear Protection ?

    When you visit our range we require everyone to use eye and ear protection. If you do not have these items, you many rent these before entering range. Tape, bull clips and cardboard are provided by Shooter's for you use while in the range. Many bring sharpie pens, markers or purchase pasters to mark their shots. Please do not use our tape as a target paster .
  8. How can I get a concealed Carry Permit in North Carolina?

    Due to the popularity of Concealed Carry, we have created a page of general and specific information that also includes links to useful resources.  To learn more, click here

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  1. What's types of competition shooting takes place as Shooters?

    Tuesday Night Bulls Eye League

     The Course:

     A single National Match course consists of three stages of firing. All three stages are called a Relay. The stages are as follows (all stages are shot single handed) Shooter's are allowed to participate in our league and use a two hand grip as they learn this shooting style.

     Slow Fire: 10 shots in 10 minutes.

     This stage of the relay is shot in one series. When we get into the other stages of the relay it will become more clear as to what I mean by one series. During the slow fire stage the range officer gives the command load 5 rounds, shoot those 5 and load five more rounds without further command. The range officer gives the command Ready on the Right, Ready on the Left, Ready on the Firing Line. Approximately 3 seconds later the targets turn and you proceed to fire the five rounds you have loaded, load five more rounds and fire them. When the firing line is finished (or the time has expired) the command is given to make the guns safe and the end shooters check the line for safety. Once the line is determined safe the line advances and scores.

     Timed Fire: 10 shots in 40 seconds.

     This stage of the relay is shot in two series. This means 5 rounds are loaded and fired in half the allotted time (5 rounds in 20 seconds). The targets are then turned, the firing line reloads and the second 5 rounds are fired at the same target, again in half the allotted time (5 rounds in 20 seconds). This is done because Bullseye shooting is not a speedloading competition and a wide variety of guns are allowed for competition (Revolvers or Semi-Automatics). The both series are conducted in the same manner as the slow fire stage. The range officer gives the command to load 5 rounds, checks the line for ready (Ready on the Right, Ready on the Left, Ready on the Firing Line) the targets turn and the five rounds are fired. The same sequence is followed for the second five rounds. The line is then checked for safety and the targets are scored.

     Rapid Fire: 10 shots in 20 seconds.

     This stage of the relay is shot in exactly the same manner as the Timed Fire stage. It is once again shot in two series. The progression is the same as for timed fire load, shoot 5 round in 10 seconds, load, shoot 5 rounds in 10 seconds, check the line for safety and score.


     Scoring is relatively straight forward. The targets used in Bullseye shooting are ringed targets with a 5.5 inch bull (black area on the target). The bull encompasses the X ring the 10 ring and the 9 ring. The rings on the target continue out to the 5 ring. To score you simply add up the points associated with each ring for each hole in the target. Anything outside the 5 ring does not contribute to the total score. A perfect score for a relay is 300 (possible 100 in Slow Fire, possible 100 in Timed Fire and a possible 100 in Rapid Fire).


     It does not take a lot of expensive equipment to compete in Bullseye shooting. The basic guide lines are as follows. Any pistol. Just about the only thing not allowed is a projected laser sight. You can use open sights, red dot sights, revolvers or semi-automatics in rim fire or center fire calibers.


    Action Pistol

     Come join the fun of Shooter's Action Pistol Night. We meet twice a month usually the 2nd and 4th Thursday from 6:30 PM 9:00 PM. Call or email for more details. Check out our calendar for more information and shoot dates.

     Archery League

     We meet on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month for a Vegas 300. Practice is open to those that register from 6:30 PM and The Vegas 300 starts at 7:00. The cost for the Vegas 300 is $7.00 per Archer.


     • Everyone will shoot on a 40 cm Vegas style three spot target face.

     • Gold Red Blue, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ring scoring areas.

     • The X-Ring of the 40 cm indoor Vegas face will be used for tie breakers for 2nd place and below.

     Distance: 20 Yards (Approx)


     • One 300 round held on one d

     • Each 300 round will consist of ten ends; three arrows per end.

     • Two ends of practice will preceed the shooting of the 300 round. Note that the tournament  director reserves the right to modify practice routine including number of practice ends.

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