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NC Concealed Carry Training Class

  • Required 8 hrs. classroom instruction PLUS range time in order to obtain North Carolina CCH Permit training certificate
  • Class covers laws governing the use of deadly force, concealed carry statute,and other relevant issues. Class covers the fundamentals of gun operation, personal protection with the use of a handgun, gun safety, ammunition, and shooting techniques.
  • Qualification on firing range (50 rounds within 3, 5, and 7 yards)

     (*Must be a NC resident for 30 days and 21 yrs old to qualify for North Carolina Concealed Carry permit in NC.)

After receiving your certificate you can apply to the sheriff’s office in the county you reside. Be sure to take your original training certificate with you when you go to apply. The Sheriff’s office charges $90 for a criminal background check and mental health check. Most Sheriff’s offices require you to pay in cash and EXACT change so make sure you find out ahead of time. Fees can vary somewhat so be sure to check with the Sheriff’s office in your county. If you are approved, your permit will be issued in less than 45 days. It is valid for 5 years. As of January 1,2010, the Sheriff's office is required to send you a renewal notice. The notice will be mailed to the address listed on your permit, so if you move contact the Sheriff's Office with your new address. You must appear at the county sheriff's office and pay the renewal fee. 

******* NO MORE PISTOL PERMITS ********
Under North Carolina Law, the holder of a valid North Carolina Concealed Carry permit can use this permit to purchase handguns in the state of North Carolina. Obtaining a purchase permit is no longer required


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